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Ponys Trot through New Material

More dedicated to music than stage antics, the Ponys ran through a humble set of songs from upcoming album Turn the Lights Out at Schuba’s. Crisp guitar solos from Brian Case accentuated Jered Gummere’s warbling vocals, but Melissa Elias sent heads nodding with her prominent bass lines. Each showgoer had a different take on the band’s sound — one described it as a love triangle between Built to Spill, the Beach Boys, and Sonic Youth — but despite the variance in opinion, it was clear that fans championed the Ponys’ combination of classic throwback punk and rock’n’roll. The band didn’t hesitate to return for an encore of “I Wanna Fuck You” and appropriate set-closing stomper “Last Conversation.” EMILY YOUSSEF / PHOTOS BY KAREN CHAN

Ponys, Black Lips to Tour

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