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New Download from This Is Me Smiling

Quick, someone pinch the four Chicagoans from This Is Me Smiling: they might be dreaming. However, that’s probably not a bad thing, considering it’s the inspiration for the crisp, wistful “Goodbye to Each New Day,” from their eponymous debut. “The song is about waking up from a really good dream, and realizing in the end, it was all too good to be true, and what a dreadful feeling that is,” frontman Dan Duszynski told

Though the track, kissed by crunchy riffs and a kicky staccato, is anything but dreadful, making the amped-up angst sound effortless was. “It was 5 A.M. and we were trying to nail the woahs on this song. While I had been in bands for years, in some ways, I was still learning how to sing, and trying to do woahs after recording for 20 hours straight, I actually blew my voice out for the first time ever, and had to take a day to recover. But I learned a lot about my voice from recording this song.” That, at least, is something to smile about.

The band’s self-titled debut, which first arrived via Chicago indie imprint the Vinyl Summer, will be reissued via OneHaven/Columbia on March 6.

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