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Mission of Burma Head Home

Guitar strings snapped, cymbals got smacked, and sputtering cassette loops whipped through Boston’s sold out Paradise Rock Club as Mission of Burma played to their hometown crowd Saturday night. Gunning from welterweight comeback triumphs such as “2wice” to gravelly vinyl memories like “Mica,” Roger Miller, Clint Conley, and Peter Prescott navigated the post-punk spectrum while tape manipulator Bob Weston preserved the band’s pre-laptop era ethos. But despite how MoB’s signature indie rock ring sporadically summoned its socially-charged heyday, Conley introduced “Nancy Reagan’s Head” from last year’s Obliterati as evidence that they’ve made one major adjustment: “This is proof that we’ve finally given up being political,” he said. “There’s just no point anymore.” STORY AND PHOTOS BY CHRIS FARAONE

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