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The Meligrove Band

Who? Mississauga, Ontario’s the Meligrove Band — Jason Nunes (vox/piano), Darcy Rego (drums), Andrew Scott (guitar), Michael Small (bass) — released their third LP, Planets Conspire, on V2 Records in Canada last year.

What’s the Deal? The Meligrove Band’s piano-driven power pop is equal parts Tin Pan Alley showmanship and spastic, psychedelic freak-out. Allegedly recorded for nothing in “friends’ houses and apartments,” Planets Conspire could just as easily pass for something concocted by Dave Fridmann, in between Flaming Lips albums and bong hits. Nunes’ songwriting has roots in 1970s AM radio pop, but his bandmates stave off the schmaltz with inventive arrangements and muscular chops.

Fun Fact: The rhythm section of guitarist Andrew Scott’s previous band, Femme Fatale, later became Death From Above 1979. LANE BROWN

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