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Fourth ‘Indiana Jones’ Film

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have finalized the script for the fourth installment in the Indiana Jones film series, slated to start filming this year and due in theaters May 2008. Actor Harrison Ford is set to return as the flick’s titular star and rumors are circulating that Sean Connery, who played Indiana’s father in The Last Crusade, will have a role. Exact film locations have yet to be announced, but Lucas has confirmed part of the movie will be taped in (shocker!) Los Angeles. And though the director is remaining mum about most of the film’s details, including its plot, he did promise the next Indy flick will boast some “very interesting mysteries,” he told the Associated Press. “I think it’s going to be really cool.”

Cinephiles are hoping the fourth chapter of the Indiana Jones saga will be “really cool.” Here’s what they’re saying:

“I hope this is good. I grew up with Indiana Jones…and he plays a special role in my imagination. Watching those movies with a teenage mind was fun. What movies today appeal to that imagination?” — PB,

“Please let this franchise rest in peace. As someone who loved and still loves the original, no more sequels. The second one was bad, the third one was even worse. If there was justice in this world every print of the sequels would be destroyed, their scripts burnt. Please no more spunky kid sidekicks, whiny love interests or wacky, eccentric relatives. I hope this film never gets made.” — Opus,

“HOLY GOD I can’t wait! Harrison Ford was so F’in HOT!” — jen,

“Can Harrison Ford still walk? I mean, seriously, it’s been 19 years since the last release of Indiana Jones. Oh my God…19 years?! [And] wasn’t Harrison Ford old 19 years ago when he did Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Is it going to be called Indiana Jones and the Adventures in Geritol? —

“This actually might work if they’re willing to acknowledge the passage of time and set it in the 1950s instead of the 1930s, with an older Indy dealing with Commies instead of Nazis.” — beerwriter,

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