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Donnie Davies: Real McCoy or Offensive Gag?

Meet Donnie Davies, an outspoken and seemingly fabricated Houston-based pastor, who has caused quite a stir on the web. In addition to leading religious website Love God’s Way, a site outed by Idolator this week (read more) that categorizes rock bands into “safe” and “gay” categories and advertises C.H.O.P. (Change Homosexuals into Ordinary People), Davies also moonlights as the frontman of Donnie D. and the Evening Service. In the band’s music video for “The Bible’s Way,” Davies spouts his presumably faux message of hate for homosexuals, which has garnered vengeful retorts, pitiful laughs, and debate from bloggers across the web about its authenticity.

Now Watch This: Donnie D. and the Evening Service – “The Bible’s Way”

While most see Davies’ shtick as a gag, others question if he could be the real hate-mongering McCoy. And others just debate the merits of his list:

“Regardless if this is a joke or not, HATE is not FUNNY.” storybox,

“These videos are amazing! Donnie Davis is clearly the valedictorian of the viral learning center.” Cocofaye,

“Sure, we all know Scissor Sisters and the Indigo Girls are gay, but what about Ghostface Killah? And John Mayer? Isn’t he just a pansy? [Ghostface, I mean.]” —

“I nearly cried laughing. A brilliant gag, but yes folks, THIS IS A GAG.” Simon,

“I have some sad/amazing news to report. Donnie Davies has passed away today…apparently he caught a whiff of his own bulls*it and his head exploded. No one will miss him…bye bye now!” jg727,

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