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Diamond Nights Sparkle with Eclectic Locals

Showgoers at the Khyber caught a Brooklyn-Philly connection: an eclectic line-up highlighting each scene’s strength. The NYC acts projected professionalism, as Philly’s offered experimentation. Hometown hypno-folky Kurt Vile surveyed surprising styles, while native World Blanket boomed like a big-riff rock beast, despite acoustic guitar and violin dressing. Stylofone’s Brooklyn bounce kept things moving, and their showmanship on “Helen Keller” got the girls dancing. The neon boys of Diamond Nights headlined, mixing underground and radio-friendly rock of late seventies and early eighties like a New Wave Black Sabbath. Their most modern sounding song (and Jaguar commercial hit), “Girl’s Attractive,” strayed for an interesting jam where the distortion and reverb were much heavier than the light touch of their other songs, proving that even polished Diamonds can be in the rough. ERIC RIVERA / PHOTOS BY EDWARD SCHICK

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