Cradle of Filth Bring ‘Bitter Suites’ to Philly

A thunderous roar filled Philadelphia’s Trocadero as chants of Cradle! Cradle! arose from the crowd, calling British black metal titans Cradle of Filth to the stage. When the band emerged, ready to play the second date on their U.S. tour, they donned their trademark ghoulish face paint and black gothic wardrobe. Dani Filth and company ripped immediately into “Dirge Inferno,” drummer Martin Skaroupka slaughtering his kit on a raised platform resembling a pile of dirt, and they capped the performance with the fierce “Cruelty.” But the uproarious crowd wanted more, shouting one more song until the band reemerged for an encore. Playing “Gilded Cunt,” the feral frontman inexhaustibly shrieked and screamed like a man possessed. STORY AND PHOTOS BY ANTHONY THOMPSON

Alterna-Detritus Interview: Dani Filth
Alterna-Detritus Interview: Dani Filth, Part Deux

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