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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Reveal Album Details

Shadowy Americana rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have announced the release of Baby 81, the band’s fourth long-player, set to drop May 1 on RCA Records. The new album — named after an infant who, following 2004’s tsunami, was claimed by nine different mothers before reuniting with its own family — is BRMC’s follow-up to 2005’s Howl, and it features the band’s longest tune to date, the 9 minute and 11 second opus, “American X.”

Here’s Baby 81‘s tracklisting:

1. “Took Out A Loan”
2. “Berlin”
3. “Weapon of Choice”
4. “Window”
5. “Cold Wind”
6. “It’s Not What You Wanted”
7. “666 Conducer”
8. “All You Do Is Talk”
9. “Lien On Your Dreams”
10. “Need Some Air”
11. “Killing the Light”
12. “American X”
13. “Am I Only”

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Album Due in April

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