Arcade Fire Announce Album Details via YouTube

Yesterday, the Arcade Fire streamed new single “Black Mirror” on their website, and today, they’re further getting fans pumped (or annoyed over the hype) for forthcoming album Neon Bible. In a witty YouTube video posted today, mask-donning guitarist Richard Reed Parry details the album’s release date (March 5 in the U.K.; March 6 in the U.S.) and tracklisting of songs, which have titles like “Keep the Car Running,” “(Antichrist Television Blues),” and “My Body Is a Cage,” among others. Parry also assured fans Neon Bible will restore the way they used to feel about music by delivering “contemporary classics” sure to “blow [them] away.”

Now Watch This:

But were fans “blown away” by the video? Here’s what they’re saying:

“Their new album is going to blow their first out of the water…and who would of thought that possible? It will be classic…just wait and see.” — Dayne1234,

“It’s a weirdly produced video and a slightly tacky sales pitch.”

“This album is going to end all existence…in an AWSOME way.” — Emericapunk26,

“Anyone else feel really weirded out by this viral marketing campaign? I mean, this, the phone number, the website, the games…I feel like a tool or something.” — Mellowbonsai,

“Hilarious pseudo-infomercial.” Sparkleblog,

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