Appleseed Cast Hit the Abbey

Bursting onstage in a fit of melodic enchantment, Lawrence, Kansas’ Appleseed Cast enraptured the Abbey Pub, slamming its rafters with walls of sound. From instrumental to emo, each song was an epic, multi-layered symphony, to which fans responded by raising their fists. On the night’s anthem, “Fight Song,” frontman Christopher Crisci screamed into the microphone, stretching his neck upwards while pursing his lips and closing his eyes. Bassist Marc Young reeled in the band, saving it from chaos, and Aaron Coker flailed his arms, moving them like propellers across snare, cymbal, and toms, channeling all the dynamism of their soundscapes. ANDREA HART / PHOTOS BY JAMES MONTELEONE

Artist of the Day: the Appleseed Cast

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