Anton Newcombe Crashes NYC Band’s Club Gig

Braving chilly temperatures, rockers flocked to New York City’s Lower East Side venue Pianos last night for a set of atmospheric and shoegazey pop by Brooklyn trio Frankpollis. Amidst an impressive set of ethereal slow dives, haunting vocal crescendos, and sugary guitar reverbs, all lassoed by driving drum and bass structures, Frankpollis — whose previous claim to fame was having NYC club kid Jackson Pollis as their drummer — had little idea what piece of rock nostalgia lay ahead.

Throughout their set, a tipsy character seemed to be heckling the band from the front of the stage, but perked ears soon understood the man’s words to be ones of encouragement and advice, albeit mostly of the slurry type. But when the crusty-looking rocker jumped onstage as the set ended, the lights revealed him to be Brian Jonestown Massacre’s infamous anti-star, Anton Newcombe.

After convincing both Frankpollis and the sound guy to hang out for a few more minutes, Newcombe huddled with the band over a few quick musical logistics before directing them in a reprise of their own “Truth’s Been Told,” which they’d just played by themselves moments earlier. Newcombe contributed vocal melodies, backing harmonies, and garbled interjections. “It makes me want to play music when I see kids play music,” said Newcombe, who told that he just happened to be at the club meeting a friend. “They’re so amazing, and they’re just kids. Plus, I live just down the block.” WILLIAM GOODMAN / PHOTOS BY NATE HARDER

Brian Jonestown Massacre Gets Ripped Off

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We asked (prior to the Newcombe cameo): If you were to purchase the members of Frankpollis an article of winter clothing, what would it be? COMMENT


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