Albert Hammond Jr. Wedged in High-Speed Chase

Albert Hammond Jr. and his touring band — currently supporting Hammond Jr.’s solo release Yours to Keep — found themselves amidst a high-speed police chase last week in Texas, guitarist Marc Philippe Eskenazi blogged on their MySpace page. The chase marks the latest in a series of tour calamities, which include stolen luggage and a bus mattress fire, and it transpired when local police, in high-speed pursuit of a pickup-truck driver, attempted to pass the band’s tour bus. “It seemed that the pickup was going to get away until he came into contact with you know who (us),” Eskenazi wrote. “Those knuckleheads smashed into our trailer and spun out of control, crashing into the side ramp, and awaited their vacation in the Texas State Penitentiary, book ’em, boys!”

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Albert Hammond Jr.’s ‘101’ Video

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