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50 Cent Launches G-Unit Books

50 Cent will launch his latest enterprise, G-Unit Books, tomorrow with a book singing in New York City, reports. In partnership with MTV/Pocketbooks, with whom Fiddy worked on his best-selling memoir, From Pieces to Weight, G-Unit Books is set to release the hip-hop novellas Death Before Dishonor, Baby Brother, Hood, Soldier 7, and The Ski Mask Way, which the rapper said are based on “the kinds of dramas me and my crew have been dealing with our whole lives: death, deceit, double-crosses, ultimate loyalty, and total betrayal. It’s about our life on the streets, and no one knows it better than us.”

The book signing takes place at the Columbus Circle branch of Borders Books in New York City, Jan. 4 at 9 A.M. Authors Nikki Turner and K. Elliot will join Fiddy for the event.

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