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Women and Children

Who: Women and Children is Kevin Lasting, Cheryl June Serwa, Oliver Robert, and Jamie Moon, who together rotate their various instrumental and vocal duties. After spending several penniless months in New York and Paris, the band, which is led creatively by Lasting and Serwa, recorded second album Paralyzed Dance Tonight (Narnack Records) and began touring with Cat Power.

What’s the Deal: Paralyzed Dance, Tonight sounds as though it were written to accompany an Edward Gory fairytale or a Tim Burton movie. With sparse instrumentation and haunting lyrics, the band crafts stripped-down folk tunes with a dark center. “A Bigger Graveyard” starts out with a happy-go-lucky piano riff only to decompose into its foreboding conclusion. “Your Honor” features simple guitar strumming accentuated by a bleak riff courtesy of a toy piano. Adding to the album’s dramatic flare are Serwa’s vocals, which could easily pass for Nico.

Fun Fact: Hardly considering him a heartthrob, Serwa “suffers from recurring nightmares in which she is on the Titanic in 1912 when it sank under the weight of Leonardo DiCaprio,” a spokesperson for the band told “She attempts to shape-shift into a small rat but is rudely rebuked at the lifeboats and informed that only women and children will survive this one.”

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