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The Trucks

Who? Comprised of lead singer/keyboardist Kristin Allen-Zito, singer/xylophonist Marissa Moore, drummer Lindy McIntyre, and bassist/vocalist Faith Reichel, the Bellingham, Wash.-bred ladies are storming the Northwest music scene with their debut self-titled album, which dropped in September.

What’s the Deal? Citing gritty electro artists like Peaches, Le Tigre, and Fanny Pack as influences, the Trucks may seem like just another group of pretty faces cashing in on a danceable genre. But whereas Peaches is vulgar and Le Tigre is politically charged, the Trucks mix feminism with a touch of debauchery and frank sexuality; basically, it’s everything the modern girl thinks about but may be too shy to talk about. Sample lyric, from “Titties”: “What makes you think we can fuck? Just because you put your tongue in my mouth and you twisted my titties, baby?” Their live shows are also notorious around Seattle, and on their website, band members profess a love for fishnets, wigs, and classy spandex.

Fun Fact: The band formed in response to organizers of a music festival at Western Washington University who lamented the lack of female musicians participating in the lineup. Armed with a toy xylophone, a bass, and a vintage Casio keyboard, the quartet attempted to fill that gap. Three years later, they’re a certified local favorite.

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