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Skinner: Want Some Cash?

Apparently the Streets’ Mike Skinner was wrong all along: A grand does come for free. Skinner, a famously avid (and not always so successful) gambler, won big at a U.K. casino during a Christmas party thrown for his record label last week, and he plans to hand over the cash to the person who can best describe “Solemate,” a new song by labelmates the Mitchell Brothers, NME reports. “I walked away with £1,025 in cash, mainly in £50 notes,” he wrote in his blog. “I woke up with 1,020 due to a certain lady taking five on the way out to work the next morning. But I’ve decided to give it away in a special Beats competition to someone who can use it to have a good Christmas.” Ah, way to spread the holiday spirit, Mike!

But now you must test your deciphering skills to get your hungry paws on the dough. Skinner is requesting emails explaining the tune and directing all contestants to the Mitchell Brothers’ MySpace page to give “Solemate” a listen. So get real deep and expose the hidden meaning of the new song that Skinner claims is “fuckin’ wicked.” Send all entries to [email protected]. Hint: The song might be about shoes.

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