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Sibylle Baier’s Reissue

Recorded in the ’70s, Sibylle Baier’s Colour Green is a reel to reel rediscovery. Though her music previously appeared in a film by renowned German director Wim Wenders, Baier’s recordings were never released, and shared mainly with family and friends. It’s said that “Remember the Day,” the first song she ever wrote, was inspired by a road trip to the Alps with a friend during a dark period in her youth. Revitalized, Baier set up her home reel-to-reel recording device and preserved her intimate thoughts and feelings.

Though she eventually chose family and motherhood over a career as a musician, Orange Twin Records released Colour Green earlier this year, and the spare Nico-esque hush of the album is winning long overdue praise for Baier, as well as spots on many a blogger’s best-of list.

Here’s what the people are saying:

“Haunty, melodic and a little sad. Three’s Company.” — quarby,

“Walking, or perhaps limping along, that fine line between melancholy and crushingly depressed, her music is perhaps best listened to in daylight, in public, and sober.” — fb,

“Her hushed delivery and thinly woven guitar tips, fades and cracks in all of the right places. It’s amazing how well these recordings have already aged. I’m certain I’ll be spinning them in one form or another thirty years from now.” — facehead2k,

“Listening to Colour Green almost feels like you stole someone’s diary.” — Chris,

“Just add the sepia cover and wallow in wistful nostalgia all afternoon.” IFF,

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