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Shitake Monkey

Who: The NYC-based trio of Electric Pete, Johnny Rodeo, and Chuck Brody make up the production dream-team known as Shitake Monkey. After working together as engineers at Sony Records, where they polished such acts as Destiny’s Child and Jennifer Lopez, the group decided to step out from behind the boards to begin writing and recording their own material. They are set to release their deliciously-titled debut, Street Beef, Jan. 9 via Outlook Records.

What’s The Deal: These Monkeys flex their colossal production skills by condensing a seemingly endless amount of samples and genres into a series finely tuned electro-pop gems. With heavily processed vocals and undeniably danceable drum programming, the trio skips from disco to calypso to big band — and that’s just on the first three songs. “Two Dudes” features a hip-hop back beat effortlessly accompanying a twangy county guitar, while “Gunpowder” and “Come On” sound like long-lost Gorillaz tracks.

Fun Fact: Here’s a fun fact, baby girl, that you need to know. In 2005, Electric Pete won a Grammy for his work on Marc Anthony’s Valio La Pena album. ELI SCHWIMMER

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