Ryan Adams Releases 11 New Albums

Ryan Adams has lead a tremendously prolific career releasing numerous albums under a plethora of monikers. Now fans can add a few to that list — DJ Reggie, the Shit, and Werewolph. Adams has posted 11 new original albums to his website, opting to record rap tunes under the name DJ Reggie, while crafting lo-fi hardcore and speed-punk jams under the names the Shit and Werewolph, NME reports. The posts also include album cover art and, strangely enough, a few covers, including Creed’s “Higher” and Shania Twain’s “You’re Still The One.”

Here’re the new albums penned by Adams:

DJ Reggie – Holla Dayz Inn
The Shit – Christmas Apocalypse
DJ Reggie – A Reginald Gangster
DJ Reggie – Hip HopBreaker
DJ Reggie – 4:20/20
The Shit – This Is Shit
The Shit – …Hits The Fans
The Shit – Hillbilly Joel
The Shit – General Ulysses S. Hospital
The Shit – Slef Portrait
WereWolph – Feel The Laser

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