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Repeal Day

Feel like a nice tall glass of history? Seventy-three years ago today, the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, striking down the 18th (which took booze out of the hands of Joe Bartender and put it into the hands of Joe Bootlegger). To honor the repeal of the 13-year-long national nightmare known as Prohibition, a mixologist from Oregon, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, has been drumming up support for Repeal Day: An authentic alcohol-centric holiday, as “it is the only day which truly has any connection with alcohol,” he wrote on his blog. Morgenthaler argues that Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day are played out and are a bit exclusionary (“Being French on Cinco de Mayo is about as cool as being British on the Fourth of July”), but that Dec. 5 is “a great time to get together with friends and celebrate our constitutional rights.” Another blogger over at Days That End In “Y” even came up with a pretty comprehensive list of possible ways to celebrate the new holiday.

It seems the good folks at Dewar’s are on board, too. They’ve paid for a full-color insert in today’s New York Times and have even filmed a video which imagines what our social lives would be like if Prohibition was never repealed (answer: A lot like an awkward middle-school birthday party).

Now Watch This:

The Repeal Day idea seems to be going down smoothly with most of the over 21 set, but it’s leaving some on ice:

“Good God almighty. Please, we do not need yet another stupid freaking holiday. We certainly don’t need to give any more lushes more excuses to get drunk and act like idiots in public.” — Am,

“Conveniently, liquor is sold in ‘5ths.’ I believe you can somehow tie this in.” — Dr. Brownfinger,

“For those not in the U.S., you may go about your business, but make sure you drink anyway, because your governments were smart enough not to take your booze away from you.” — Yukon Cornelius,

“I think it’s a great idea celebrating ‘Repeal Day’. In Iceland we have a rather similar deal, since beer was prohibited until 1st of March 1989. It’s not an official holiday, but we tend to celebrate beer-day nonetheless and it’s always great fun.” — Mus,

“If not for its passage, we would all be paying high dollar to get into speakeasies for a drink and distilling moonshine in the woods like Jed Clampett, for Pete’s sake.”– Paul,

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