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Razorlight, Cooper Temple Clause Get Nuked

Brit rockers Razorlight and Cooper Temple Clause survived a scare after flying back from a Russian tour on a British Airways jet that may have been contaminated with radioactive materials. After ex-KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko died in London Nov. 23 from acute poisoning with polonium-210, a rare and powerful radioactive element, British authorities began searching all possible locations the ex-spy could have contracted the dangerous isotope. That search turned up trace signs of polonium-210 on numerous British Airways airplanes that carried as many as 30,000 passengers.

Which brings us back to the bands, whose members were among the passengers who flew on possibly contaminated planes. “The lads were terrified,” a Razorlight source told the U.K. Guardian. “They were all feeling run down when they got back from Russia, then switched on the TV and found out the plane they had been on was grounded in the radiation scare. They feared the worst and immediately called their management for advice.” Shocking: a band feeling “run down” after a foreign tour.

No worries, though: The blokes from Razorlight are clear of any radioactive contamination and will continue to lead non-mutant lifestyles, sport skinny white trousers, and beef with each new British “it” band.

The Cooper Temple Clause were also on a potentially tainted flight, and they too avoided any sickness — at least from the radiation. “The only thing that made us sick was the weed we brought back with us,” CTC’s Dan Fisher told “Now we know why. Radioactive weed is the future!”

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