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Prophet Omega Confronts ‘Natural World’

If you’ve ever been in a relationship where you deemed your then-partner a black widow of sorts, someone whose bite could take the life out of you, then you might relate to the video treatment for Prophet Omega’s “The Right Thing,” off debut album The Natural World. The singer laid down some of electronica-augmented rock tracks for the full-length in a Catskills cabin, so it’s no wonder the clip follows him running through the woods and into a rustic home. But this getaway is far from idyllic, as Omega is scurrying from a supposed former lover who has morphed into a giant hideous monster. He runs from her, he trips, at which point she pounces to finish him off. And just when you think the video is finished featuring creepy crawlers, Prophet Omega proves you wrong.

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Prophet Omega – “The Right Thing”

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