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Phoenix Foundation Sign To Young American

New Zealand band the Phoenix Foundation have signed to Young American Recordings and their debut full-length, Horsepower, will see U.S. release on the label March 13. Though relative newcomers to the ears of most Americans, the Phoenix Foundation have already had great success in their homeland. The secret got to these shores thanks to some well-placed U.S. shows over the past year, which drew the interest of bloggers, tastemakers, and the Young American label. The New Zealand government, apparently overcome with pride at the band’s plucky determination, helped offset the considerable cost of all that Stateside travel. Isn’t that cute?

Conrad Wedde, Samuel Flynn Scott, and Like Buda started the Phoenix Foundation way back in 1997. Former metal-heads, the boys sought a more refined, relaxed sound. They would eventually be joined by Richie Singleton, Will Ricketts, and Warner Emery, who helped craft the band’s echo-filled mix of sprawling space-rock, high-desert balladry, and Pavement-esque verbosity. U.S. audiences will get a bonus track and music video included on the Young American release.

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