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New Video from Pigeon John

Backpack rapper Pigeon John, a cheeky MC hailing from Southern California, crafts an ode to greater Los Angeles with “Freaks! Freaks!” off his latest, Pigeon John…And the Summertime Pool Party. Not only are these freaks at the club, they’re shopping at the Northridge Mall, lunching in Inglewood, hitting the beach in the South Bay, and driving the rapper crazy in Whittier. Despite the song’s geography lesson, it’s video mostly follows Pigeon John bouncing through one club like he’s Lou Bega. Except, that is, when the MC spits his most affecting line (“Its the boy that you laughed at / Didn’t give me chance now I drive a Cadillac”), which he delivers to his former crush with mock grandeur.

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Freaks! Freaks!

Pigeon John – Pigeon John…And the Summertime Pool Party

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