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New Thriller from Tarantino, Rodriguez

Sensationalistic auteurs Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) aren’t exactly known for a conventional approach to filmmaking, so it’s no wonder their upcoming collaborative flick comes a little out of leftfield. Grindhouse, slated for wide release April 6, is a horror-movie double feature wherein Tarantino directs one segment (“Death Proof”) and Rodriguez the other (“Planet Terror”). In the trailer for the film, “grind house” is defined as “a theater playing back-to-back films exploiting sex, violence, and other extreme subject matter,” and the Tarantino-Rodriguez clips will be fused together by faux movie trailers. Collectively, the flicks are set to feature a psychotic stuntman (Kurt Russell), a gun-legged lady (Rose McGowan), an outer-worldly martial artist (Freddy Rodriguez), “sickos,” and a slew of other crazy characters.

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