While other cities stay jiggy, this one just might keep the roof blazing. Welcome to Miami.

The metropolis once defined by KC and the Sunshine Band, vacationing New York Jews, and Cuban exiles is getting more than a nip/tuck these days: Immigrants from all parts of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as Europe, are rapidly reinventing Miami’s identity. EVELYN MCDONNELLw”>B.E.D. (929 Washington Ave., 305-532-9070), get wild at Snatch (1437 Washington Ave., 305-604-3644), or listen to live music at Jazid (1342 Washington Ave.,305-673-9372).
222 14th St., Miami Beach
All the drunks, sleazebags, and cokeheads you could hope for gather in this humble establishment at night’s end. Soak up the alcohol by grabbing a $3 taco at San Loco or a ham-and-cheese at La Sandwicherie across the street.