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Who? These Brooklyn-based rockers refashion perfectly catchy ’60s pop on their first LP, Don’t Make Me Wait (Feature Records). Originally from Madison, WI, Jesse Laz (vocals/guitar), Kai Kennedy (lead guitar/vocals), Aaron Collins (bass, vocals), and Sam Bair (drums) set up camp in New York and have been exploding in popularity ever since.

What’s the Deal? Locksley combine their spot-on look (Beatles-esque shaggy hair, slim suits) with early punk stylings and contemporary low-fi inflections to win over even the most discriminate of music fans, as well as primetime television enthusiasts. With rapid-fire beats (“Don’t Make Me Wait”) and retro riffs (“The Past and the Present”), their tunes earned slots during broadcasts of Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, and Lost. Plus, the quartet provide the theme to MTV’s “Why Can’t I Be You?,” a deal they scored before even signing to a label.

Fun Fact: These boots are made for rockin’! Locksley’s songs “She Does” and “Don’t Make Me Wait” underscore two national television ads for footwear giant Payless Shoes. TRICIA SUMMERS

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