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The Little Ones

Who? Six degrees of fusion brought these five Los Angeles musicians together through mutual friends, past bands, and shared hometowns. The Little Ones recorded debut EP Sing Song in their studio affectionately named “Uncle Lee’s.” They had one rule for determining whether a song was appropriate: If, and only if, the song made all five members shuffle their feet was it deemed worthy. The six tracks that are a product of what they call their “Rollercoaster Sessions” blend a little Shins, a little Weezer, and a lot of sunshine.

What’s the Deal? Think pink cupcakes with colored sprinkles, sunny days with kittens in the park, and Skittles raining down from the sky. That said, the Little Ones’ Prozac pop is surprisingly palatable and sincere. California rays have burned happy hooks into their blood and textured the melodies with claps, shakes, and sugar-laced riffs. “Cha Cha Cha” hits the mark with hip-shaking rhythms, a tropical undertone, and an upsurge of la la las, but it’s to be outshined by “Lovers Who Uncover,” which boasts catchy riffs, snappy yells, and earnest vocals.

Fun Fact: Mexican food aficionados in Southern California oft debate where to find the best burrito, and the Little Ones aren’t shy to reveal where they head when craving a wrap. “It has been our collective dream to open a San Diego-style burrito stand in Los Angeles,” frontman Ed Reyes told “Our affinity for San Diego burritos actually predates our all meeting each other. There’s no substitute and it is safe to say a burrito from San Diego will change your life.” And here we thought the Shins did that.

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