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The Knife Deliver Creepy Christmas Tune

Hailing from the snowy landscapes of Sweden, it seems intuitive for the permafrost synth-pop brother and sister duo, the Knife, to bestow a dark bleep-and-blip tune upon the yuletide beasts that run wild in their native country. Welcome, “Christmas Reindeer.”

The tune, a shorter and musically morphed rendition of “Reindeer” from the Knife’s self-titled debut (listen on Napster), is looking to distribute a little Christmas creep-out this year. “Christmas Reindeer” delivers alarming results via Karin Dreijer Andersson’s fluctuating and piercingly high vocals and Olof Dreijer’s digital arsenal of churning synths and pulsating gizmo samples. But carolers, don’t fret: There’s plenty of jingle bells and seasonal name drops to go around.

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