Killers Offered Next Bond Theme

The Killers have been asked to write the theme song to Risico, the next James Bond film, The Sun‘s gossip column reports. The Las Vegas foursome, fronted by the suave, mustachioed Brandon Flowers, could join the ranks of Nancy Sinatra, Madonna, A-Ha, and Duran Duran if they choose to accept the offer. “The Killers have reached the perfect point in their career to do a Bond track,” a source told The Sun. “They have the right sound, right look, and a huge fanbase, making them the perfect choice.” Chris Cornell’s theme for Casino Royale, which is now in theaters, currently sits comfortably in the No. 2 slot on the British charts (although we were a little miffed that Goldfrapp didn’t get to record the theme, as early rumors suggested).

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