Killers Donate Christmas Tune to Fight Against AIDS

When we reported on the Killers penning a Christmas tune last week, the music world was left unaware of the grander plans in store for the holiday song as announced today by the Killers’ frontman, Brandon Flowers. The festive tune, “A Great Big Sled,” complete with sleigh bells and ho ho hos, will be donated to Bono and Bob Shriver’s (RED) campaign to fight AIDS worldwide, reports. Joining the ranks of the Arcade Fire, who made a similar move earlier this week by donating the track “Rebellion (Lies)” from their hit album Funeral, the Killers are happy to bring “little bit of the Christmas spirit” back to the world, Flowers told Along with the rock’n’roll holiday track, the Killers also filmed an impromptu video wherein lead singer Brandon Flowers is seen sitting atop Santa’s knee. “It looks like I’m holding a wish list, but I’m actually holding the lyrics, because I was still writing them up until we recorded it,” he said. With “A Great Big Sled,” available for download via iTunes Dec. 5, the Killers hope to raise around $250,000 for the (RED) campaign.

Killers Craft Christmas Track
Arcade Fire Join Fight Against AIDS

Talk: (RED) has already recruited the likes of the Arcade Fire and the Killers. What other artists should get involved?

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