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John Waters Skewers Christmas

As we continue to build our lengthy Christmas playlist — “Tunes That Sleigh” — we sometimes yearn for a tune that’s a little abrasive in light of our near fatal overdoses of feel good, celebratory, hug-the-world holiday banter. Welcome sleaze film director and “Pope of Trash” John Waters, the ideal fix for our devious needs. Long admired for his, er, wondrous ways of transforming sleaze to art and vice-versa, Waters has presented us with a special yuletide treat: his 3rd annual Christmas recording, A John Waters Christmas. We’re proud to pass along “Here Comes Fatty Claus,” a grumpy take on the original jingle that makes it hard not to love Waters’ enthusiastic holiday spirit. “Here comes fatty with a sack of shit, and all them stinkin’ reindeer,” he harps. “I believe in Santa Clause, I believe he’s a prick.” Move over, Mr. Scrooge! Take a hike, Grinch!

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It Happened Last Night: A John Waters Christmas

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