Who? Joemca’s life has been filled with as much drama as his music. Before recording his first album, the Brooklyn singer-songwriter created the scores for various operas, theater productions, and puppet shows. While growing up, he learned how to play the violin and piano, and his classical training is showcased in his soaring electro-rock epics. Backed by the Poets (bassist Tucker Yaro, keyboardist/vocalist Jess Luck, and drummer Alec Menge), Joemca has already had regular stints in New York clubs. His five-song debut EP, which he co-produced with frequent Yoko Ono collaborator Rob Stevens, has been released through One Stone.

What’s the Deal? From the skittish beats of “Dead Paradise” to the haunting whistle in “Glass Eyes,” Joemca (pronounced, as the CD cover announces, “jum+ka”) uses laptop-enhanced melodies to heighten the mood. Most of the tracks from the EP elegantly tackle themes of isolation and loneliness: “I hide my head in a sandbox,” he declares over digital blips in album opener “Strangers.” “I bury everything I’ve wanted to hide.” Channeling the vocals of Bono, the singer spouts lyrics about truth and beauty while giving the tracks an added layer of mystery using ambient noise.

Fun Fact: “I did the voice of a frog trying to save a huge city from destruction for a puppet show — he was actually very eloquent,” he told SPIN.com. “And for another puppet show, I had to record myself making out with my hand for a puppet love scene.” GINNY YANG

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