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Jeremy Enigk Delivers Rapturous Set

Jeremy Enigk took the stage at the Double Door with little fanfare as the attentive crowd quietly stood still, afraid to miss one word from the ex-Sunny Day Real Estate frontman turned solo artist. Songs started with isolated guitar tones and low, airy vocals, then built into soaring melodies and occasionally strained screams. His band thundered with unexpected drum patterns and lumbering bass lines, and Enigk easily cruised through one intense love song after another, stretching his tremendously controlled vocal range. Cameras rose to capture his performance of 1996’s “Return of the Frog Queen,” while “City Tonight” and “Canons” from this year’s World Waits resonated easily with listeners. Enigk finished one bursting hour later, but there was no way the audience was going to let slip away without an encore. EMILY YOUSSEF / PHOTOS BY JAMES MONTELEONE

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We Asked: Since it’s been ten years since Jeremy Enigk’s last solo album, what do you think he’s been up to in the meantime? COMMENT