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iPod Smoothie, Anyone?

Tom Dickinson, who appears in a popular YouTube clip as a scientist at home appliance manufacturer Blendtec, has finally answered our deepest mp3 player inquiries: Yes, iPods will disintegrate when subjected to a puree cycle in an industrial-strength blender. But is it possible Mr. Dickinson’s technological sacrifice hints at ulterior motives? Some blogosphere residents speculate product placement while others wonder if Microsoft’s Zune, iPod’s newest and biggest rival, has a hand behind the clip.

Now Watch This:

Here’s what the people are blending up over at YouTube:

“It breaks my heart to see one of God’s greatest creations going to waste.” — Ikinuyashakagome

“Product Placement,” — MetalGearRien

“I think the point of that was to show all the people that still have iPods that the Zune is taking over. He said ‘Out with the old, in with the new.’ Soon Microsoft is gonna take over the world!! — tubakenn

“Why the hell would you pay $700+ for a blended iPod when you could buy your own and your own blender and have the fun of blending it yourself…FOR CHEAPER!” — Tehchapster

“That was… disturbing! Just think of all the poor African children who wish they had iPods…” — matrixhed

“Guess he’s getting a Zune!” — hansamurai

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