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Get ‘Ankle Injuries’ from Fujiya & Miyagi

Despite appearances, Fujiya & Miyagi are actually a trio and they hail from a different country than the one you’re probably thinking of. These Brighton, U.K.-based electro-punks — David Best (Miyagi, vocals/guitar), Steve Lewis (Fujiya, keys/programming), and Matt Hainsby (someone should give him the “&” part of their name, bass/guitar) — are set to release Transparent Things Stateside Jan. 23. Though the album was named after a Vladimir Nabokov book, don’t expect lyrical imagery revolving around an underage love interest; “Ankle Injuries” is about, as the band put in a statement, “walking to school as a kid and finishing a porno mag in the middle of the road and realizing that a female’s genitalia is different from [that of a] male.” Ah, the age of discovery.

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