Generals & Majors Rock NYC

New York rock fans looking for a swift kick in the groin these days need look no further than Generals & Majors, a new outfit hewn together from shards of several once-hyped NYC bands. We heard they closed their most recent, raucous set with a cover of Danzig’s “Mother,” and that always scores instant brownie points in our book. Also a plus: guitarist Chris Sanchez, aka Rich Majors, who once wailed for the Fever when that band’s debut EP rocked New York clubs to their foundations. The band also features ex-members of the Izzys and Group Sounds, and since playing their first show in September, they’re racking up fans and drawing on influences like Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC (which is a bit odd, considering their band name mirrors an XTC song). Check out this YouTube clip of a recent live set, as well as an MP3 of a live performance. Tell your children not to walk their way, indeed.

Now Hear This:
Generals & Majors – “Drink From My Cup” DOWNLOAD MP3

Now Watch This:
Generals & Majors – “Drink From My Cup (Live)”

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