Doherty Present at Scene of Mysterious London Death

Pete Doherty has found himself in the spotlight again, but this time it concerns his involvement in death of a friend, actor Mark Blanco, 30, who fell to his death Sunday (Dec. 4) after being excused from a party at literary agent Paul Roundhill’s East London apartment. According to reports, Roundhill, who represents Doherty, asked the victim to leave the party after he incessantly hounded the troubled rocker about his new play. Blanco was soon found lying face down with his legs around the base of a lamppost after apparently falling 30 ft.

Even more bizarre is this M. Night Shyamalan-style twist: The character Blanco was to portray in a play called Accidental Death of an Anarchist dies by falling to his death.

Blanco was rushed to Royal London Hospital, and was pronounced dead Monday. Doherty fled the scene to the Malmaison Hotel before the police’s arrival and was reportedly later discovered by police to have trashed his room.

What seems like an open and closed case of drunken impairment doesn’t appear so to others. Some reports have speculated that physical evidence on Blanco’s body indicates a struggle preceded his death, but London Metropolitan Police told reporters that evidence of a third party is currently non-existent, but that the inquiry into Blanco’s death will commence today (Dec. 7).

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