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‘Dick in a Box’

On the Dec. 16 episode of Saturday Night Live, Andy Samberg and real boy-band alum Justin Timberlake pretended to be Color Me Badd-style R&B singers who had a special Christmas gift idea: putting their dicks in a box (still attached, of course). Now an insta-hit on YouTube, YouTubers are filming response videos in which they either bestow their own boxed presents (boobs, anyone?) or offer instructions for giving someone else their special boxed bounties. As there’s always a naysayer: One amateur filmmaker reflects on the skit’s crass-factor in his soliloquy, wondering “What’s next? Testicles in the freezer? Michael Jackson in the closet?”

Now Watch This: “Dick in a Box” (original)

Here’s what else can go in the box:

“Boobs in a Box”

Instruktional video

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