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Dave Fischoff

Who? Indie solo acts tossing around electronica samples can seem like a dime a dozen, but thankfully, Chicago’s Dave Fischoff reels in a fresh catch on The Crawl. Fischoff fashions a hefty musical composite, drawing upon the likes of the Beach Boys and Burt Bacharach, whose bouncy ’60s pop sounds fuel Fischoff’s imagination into fluttering melodies. Add a splash of some of the Postal Service’s chunkier electronica elements, and you’ve found yourself in Fischoff’s whimsical world.

What’s the Deal? Despite a clear connection with his aforementioned influences, Fischoff’s vocal delivery is not as smooth and melodic than you’d expect of, say, Brian Wilson or Ben Gibbard. Instead, like on tracks “Small Drifts” and “The Suburbs of Eden,” his inflections are generally measured and reserved, often as mechanical as the synth sounds beneath them. Still, orchestral pop stylings befitting Sufjan Stevens find their way into the songs, rendering them both haunting and lovely.

Fun Fact: Whoever thought your library card could get you a record deal? Fischoff utilized not only his vast assortment of obscure personal samples, but also the entire Chicago Public Library sound collection while making The Crawl in a basement apartment. TRICIA SUMMERS

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