Danzig, Doyle Come Home for the Holidays

Glenn Danzig came a long way back from hell (the West Coast) to give his loyalists a special Christmastime show: Christmas, Bloody Christmas. Held at southern New Jersey’s Starland Ballroom, it was the only East Coast date of Danzig’s latest tour, but he couldn’t have picked a better place than in his home state. The venue was packed with rabid fans eager to see the long-awaited reunion of Danzig with his former Misfits bandmate, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. After taking the stage to “Wotans Procession” and ripping through six more songs, Danzig summoned Doyle from his crypt to join him onstage. In one of the closest moments to a true Misfits reunion, the duo launched into their previous band’s classics like “20 Eyes,” with Doyle on guitar and Danzig on vocals, his rightful place. STORY AND PHOTOS BY ANTHONY THOMPSON

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We asked: Do you take your order of Misfits with Danzig or without?


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