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The Cure Plan New Album

With a follow-up to 2005’s The Cure in the works, Britain’s cosmetic covered bubblegloom rockers look to return to their striped post-punk roots with the return of original guitarist Porl Thompson, NME reports.

Following last year’s departure of keyboardist Roger O’Donnell, frontman Robert Smith appears optimistic about the prospects of Thompson’s return. “He can pretty much create any sound you want,” Smith told NME. “He’s brought back a sense of urgency and we’ve got a rock edge again.” Referencing the juxtaposition of dark songs paired with upbeat tracks in the vein of 1987’s Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, it looks like the yet-to-be-named album could be a return to form for Smith and his band of melodious dreamers following the slickly produced pop glimmer of their last studio effort.

Shooting for a spring release date, Smith hopes he can finish the lyrics by the end of the holiday season. “I’ve given myself a deadline to finish the words before Christmas. If I don’t I should be shot,” Smith said.

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