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Colbert, Decemberists to Do Battle

The stage has been set and indie rock titans the Decemberists will clash with Stephen Colbert Dec. 20 on Colbert’s Comedy Central series, The Colbert Report.

As previously reported on, Colbert accused the Decemberists of appropriating his “Green Screen Challenge,” a contest that Colbert created for his viewers to animate the TV host into Star Wars footage. The Decemberists are doing a similar promotion to acquire fan re-animations of the group’s first single, “O Valencia!” from their latest album, The Crane Wife. Following the on-air hacking, the Decemberists counterchallenged Colbert to “put down the pen and pick up the axe,” for a “Decemberists vs. Colbert Guitar Solo Challenge.”

Colbert has accepted the terms and has prepared to battle. “The Decemberists may be thieves, but they’re not cowards,” he announced on his most recent episode. Colbert also revealed his rock’n’roll past as lead singer of Stephen and the Colberts via video footage illustrating his axe shredding chops.

The Decemberists have accepted and have reported that multi-instrumentalist Chris Funk has risen to the challenge. “I’m going to dust off my white high-top Reeboks, slide on my stirrup pants, and chug a two-liter of Mountain Dew,” Funk revealed to Pitchfork as his training regiment. Prepare for a bloody mess complete with whammy bar horror.
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