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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Album Due in April

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have released tentative song titles for the follow-up to 2005’s Howl. Currently in the process of recording, mastering, and sifting through material for the yet-to-be named album in a friend’s L.A. studio, the new effort marks a change in regiment for the San Francisco threesome. “It’s the first album where we went into the studio knowing exactly what we wanted and we’ve been able to record when we feel it, instead of when we’re supposed to feel it, which is a nice luxury,” guitarist/vocalist Robert Levon Been told

Drummer Nick Jago has returned to recording sessions this time around; he had been excluded from the Howl sessions. Joining Been and singer/guitarist Peter Hayes, Jago is now “part of the band and working as a full-force,” a spokesperson from the band’s label told Been tells NME the album will be “not as much of a concept record,” referring to Howl‘s strict linear path of dark gospel-blues and departure from BRMC’s psychedelic melancholy found on their first two releases. “We’re doing the final mixes and putting the icing on the cake,” Been said. Fans can expect the new album this April, the band’s label said.

Here are some song titles BRMC are working with for their new album, per NME:

“Cold Wind”
“Killing the Lights”
“American X”
“All You Do Is Talk”
“Lien On Your Dreams”
‘The Snow’s About to Begin”
“Am I Only One of You”
“Weapon of Choice”
“666 Conducer”
“Not What You Wanted”

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