YouTube Makes Move to Mobile

Finally, if you want to watch the Kool-Aid man bust through a wall, a newswoman fall down while stomping on grapes, or a Korean prodigy shred a wicked Bach guitar solo, it can be only a few phone keypad punches away. YouTube and Verizon announced today that the online emporium for videos would be made available to Verizon’s mobile phone users. The service will begin early next month and will be limited at first, allowing V Cast customers to access selected YouTube content exclusively for an extra $15 monthly fee, or $3 per day. In addition to being able to access and watch videos, the system will allow customers to record and save these videos and share them with friends, provided they are on the network, too. Customers can also record videos on their phones and upload them remotely. “People want to be entertained in a way that fits their individual lifestyle,” said YouTube co-founder Steve Chen in a statement. He promised more such programs to be announced in the coming months.

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