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The Twilight Sad

Who? The Twilight Sad hail from Glasgow, Scotland, and are made up of James Graham on vocals, Andy MacFarlane on guitar, accordion, and noise, Craig Orzel on bass, and Mark Devine on drums. Around since 2003, the band will put out their debut EP, an eponymous U.S.-only release, on Nov. 14 via Fat Cat Records, and they’re currently on a short U.S. jaunt to promote it. They are also at work on their debut LP for Fat Cat.

What’s the Deal? The Glaswegians make aching pop music in the tradition of Idlewild, while Graham continues the long indie rock tradition of proving that everything just sounds cooler in a Scottish accent. The band name may sound like a Dashboard Confessional B-side, but the lyrics hint that the Twilight Sad reading list is more likely to involve Dylan Thomas than Chris Carraba — all well-read heartbreak and terribly literate desperation. The whole thing calls to mind far-away lovers, troublesome friends, and promises you have to keep.

Fun Fact: A visit to the band’s MySpace page reveals some eclectic tastes. Check out their blog, where recent “Currently Watching” selections include Saved by the Bell- Seasons 3 and 4, Toxic Avenger 3, and Wrestlemania 6, while a recent “Currently Reading” selection is The Wagamama Cookbook. So, when you throw on the EP and find yourself worried that these guys might just be too sad and lovelorn, think about the fact that at this very moment they may be watching the hilarious foibles of Zack Morris while eating delicious chili chicken ramen, and really, who could be sad while doing that? JEFFREY PARKER

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