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Tokyo Police Club Play Good Cop

Tokyo Police Club took the stage at Schuba’s with colorful spray-painted cardboard signs by way of introduction before diving into an assured, spirited set that tapped out in less than 30 minutes. Fresh-faced lead singer David Monks tapped a few punchy bass lines and led fans in his version of a sci-fi high school pep rally cheer, complete with lyrics about barbarous robots and an imagined Armageddon. With cloudless melodies and rigorous drumming, songs like “Citizens of Tomorrow” and “Box” proved infectious on the dance floor. Keyboardist Graham Wright screamed backup vocals without making much use of his microphone, and by the time the quartet played lead single “Nature of the Experiment,” Wright had plenty of help with the yowls from the buoyant crowd. EMILY YOUSSEF / PHOTOS BY ROY GARDINER

We asked: Since A Lesson in Crime is the title of Tokyo Police Club’s EP, what have you learned from the law? COMMENT