Sparta Take Back Control

El Paso four-piece Sparta are back with their third album, unsurprisingly titled Threes, and now they’ve dropped the video for that release’s lead single, “Taking Back Control.” Propelled by his band’s anthemic soundscapes, vocalist Jim Ward expresses his anti-Bush sentiments, but Ward told he didn’t want the song’s video to be overtly political, since that would “just be overkill.” Instead, the video follows the band as they “light a fuse that goes out to the world and frees people,” Ward revealed. “Through music, we’re releasing freedom.”

But the clip is hardly as hokey as it might sound, especially considering the circumstances surrounding its making. “When we filmed it, we were right near this rundown shopping center that looked like Fast Times at Ridgemont High was filmed there,” Ward reminisced. “The entire crew was wearing masks because it was full of pigeons and pigeon remains. The air was toxic and the only people not wearing masks were the people in the band. We talked a lot afterward over what diseases we would catch.”

How is the band faring now? “We’re all right,” Ward sighed. “No bird flu.”

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