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Outrageous Cherry on World Destruction

Download "The Illuminated Council for World Destruction." Warning: Paranoia might ensue.

With a band name like Outrageous Cherry, it’s no wonder this Detroit-based quartet make deliciously druggy psych pop. “The Illuminated Council for World Destruction” (from their latest, Stay Happy) even has a title that sounds like it might have been imagined during some, well, outrageous trip, but there’s keen musicianship (including saxophone swirls courtesy of Wolf Eyes’ John Olson) and lyricism to ground the song. Vocalist Matthew Smith throws around similes and metaphors like he’s practicing those SAT bridges (“Eyes like surveillance monocles / Heartbeat crackling with icicles / Freeze out now”) and contemplates conspiracies that, luckily, he has wised up to: “Your motives are impossibly obvious / Your methods especially devious / I’ve been on to you so long.”

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